Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing,Which is More Profitable

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Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing,Which is More Profitable

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In order to know how to work properly, you must know that you are working to finish them

How do you make sure that you are working in dropshipping, and this would be the best thing for me to tell you.

 Your profit margin is determined by yourself (not a fixed percentage) when you sell and grow your business (not a brand of anyone else)

 The method of selling in both countries does not need capital or store because you sell products that you are not the original owner of, they are on the site, group or page of yours without what you buy them, and your profits reach you on every order after the customer receives it.

 In the affiliate:

A method of marketing and selling that is not for your account, your profits will be a commission on each order, and you cannot control the profit rate

The sale is done through a link or a link that you take from the company, and a commission will be charged to you on each product purchased through your link. Your role is to transfer the customer to the link of the company or the brand he works with.

 In dropshipping:

You decide which product you want to sell, price and the amount you want to earn on each piece, and you display and market it on your page or store as if the product was yours.

After the customer requests it, the product will be delivered in your name, and the dropshipping platform will be just an intermediary between you and the merchant and the shipping company.

Do not say that you are working in dropshipping other than when you are in Open Ssouq

Because in the open market, you will have your business, and you will determine your profits and profits, as you want otherwise. You are working as an affiliate.

If you tried working in both, tell us is there any other difference between them.

Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing,Which is More Profitable

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